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Where to send the child to do? According to statistics, the most popular question among parents whose children 4 to 5 years. Psychologists and physiologists agree - child need sports as a way to discipline and health promotion. In early childhood lays the main qualities that define success in the future. Sport builds character perfectly. It is important to determine not only the direction but also a sports school. After all, a lot depends on the method of employment. The company "ABC Sports» offers a completely different approach to the development of children, taking into account all age features.

"Step into Sport" - a company that specializes in initial sports training of children between the ages of 4 years. "ABC Sports» offers the most popular destinations gaming and individual sports: football, volleyball, handball, hockey, basketball, swimming. Classes are held in a playful way to engage children in the process and make it interesting. Thus, we plant a love of sports from an early age.